Young Rising Star Munna

Shahidul Islam Munna Was Born in Bangladesh. He is a Musical artist, actor and also an writter.Mainly Munna is an Bangladeshi singer and music composer. He sings predominantly in Bengali, Hindi and English but has also performed in various other languages!. In a very short time, he published so many music and won the hearts of many viewers.
He plays a great role in digital marketing also. He promotes people’s social media pages, groups or identifications throughout his platform without any profit .He works on social platforms for making people aware of their social media cyber security.
Shahidul Islam Munna is a cyber security expert.
He is also an social worker, he work on a non-profit organization named Mayaful. They working for disadvantage child.
Apart from he is associating with Blood bonding Group, inspiring people donate blood.
He dreams to make himself a
proper dedicated man to the
innovating people by Something special which will keep everyone safe in cyber-space.

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